I contemplate the world in which we are forced to exist.

That world “feeds on” myths and mythologies it has created. Everything we see is simultaneously a product of created mythologies and a prerequisite for their preservation.

I look for different niches in the world where reality appears to be partially modified. I perceive virtual “frontiers” to be substitutes for landscapes. I also perceive video games and playing “environments”

as new landscapes. 

I reflect on our contemporary post-political reality. In

that reality the Left political option struggles to articulate its agendas and goals. I speak about it not only through objects and  images but also through words.

I consider the different positions art is taking in the

world where all political frontiers have become blurred. Is all art inherently political? Or could any art be defined as such if “political” is erased from our contemporary world? I like to explore connections between art and politics. I like to question the notion of “political” engagement in art. I like to research possibilities of art becoming “political” and initiate unpredictable transformations in the properly political domain.